Located in eastern Germany, Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. Its sophisticated, yet fun-loving, vibe combined with its over-the-top grandeur has been providing artistic inspiration for centuries.  A very short list of must-sees includes:

  • Grünes Gewölbe – the Green Vault which houses the largest collection of treasures in Europe (!)
  • Schlösser – the multitude of Castles in and around Dresden
  • Kathedrale – Dresden’s Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • Zwinger – a stately courtyard and museum complex in the most flamboyant Rococo style
  • Semperoper – the Semper Opera House, one of Europe’s top (and most beautiful) opera houses
  • Altstadt – Dresden’s architecturally rich Historic Town Center
  • Frauenkirche – the Church of Our Lady originally built in 1726. Though reduced to rubble during WWII, this magnificent masterpiece was rebuilt to exacting historical detail utilizing as much of the original structure and building materials as possible.  This mixture of old and new stones gives the church its distinctive Lego look with the original stones in their weathered grey and the new stones in their pristine peach.


Residenz Schloss


Just outside the city

  • Schloss Moritzburg – Moritzburg Castle a hunting lodge built in 1733
  • Festung Königstein – King’s Rock Fortress a medieval castle dating back to 1233
  • Schloss Pillnitz – Pillnitz Castle a Baroque castle built on the banks of the Elbe river
  • Sächsische Schweiz – Saxon Switzerland an area outside of Dresden know for its rock formations and amazing vistas
  • Meissen – the beautiful city of Meissen famous today for the production of Meissen Porcelain, the finest in Europe


Excursion highlights from 2015

Schloss Moritzburg

festung königstein

Schloss Pillnitz


Sächsische Schweiz