Naturally you love the program by now and think it’s totally worth it.

(Send us an email with your questions about the program!)


Tuition: $3,800

  • Includes courses, housing (double room occupancy), and breakfast

  • Single rooms available at an additional cost of $500, depending on availability

  • Some small scholarships will be available

Application Fee: $50

  • Due at the time you submit your application

Audition Fee:  $15

  • Covers the cost of the pianist

  • Waived if you bring your own pianist or submit an electronic audition

Deposit: $600 (applied to tuition)

  • Due shortly after acceptance to the program

  • Non-refundable

For your budgeting purposes, here are some other costs to consider:

  • Flights to and from Dresden (usually between $1000-1600 round-trip depending on when you book)

  • Daily lunch, dinner, and snacks

  • German textbook/workbook (approx. $25)

  • Tickets to theater & concert performances in and near Dresden (approx. €20-35 each)

  • Museum entrance fees (€5-20 each, more for an unlimited pass with student discount usually available)

  • Excursion costs (train fare and a meal, usually no more than €25 per excursion)

  • Laundry

  • Miscellaneous missing comforts (extra pillows, toiletries, etc.)


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